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Hellsing isn't dead yet
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Author:  dark_glaive [ April 20th, 2005, 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Hellsing isn't dead yet

I know there are some Hellsing fans around here, and I have good news. There is apparently going to be some sort of OVA made that is closer to the manga (which I haven't read myself). Here's a full news article:

Now, if they make Kare Kano an endless series and make more
Berserk anime, I'll be a happy camper. Those two animes
probably shouldn't be mentioned together in the same sentence...

Author:  Darlos9D [ April 21st, 2005, 10:09 am ]
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It sounds like they're starting from the beginning again...

If it's an OAV, I'm not sure I like the idea of the same story... shorter.

Author:  Jaibyrd [ April 23rd, 2005, 2:55 pm ]
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Huzzah!! Everybody dance! :jive:

Yeah, now we just need the rest of Beserk and we'll be set! :upsidedown:

Author:  Angel [ April 24th, 2005, 4:36 am ]
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Not dead eh? Good!
I was suggested to look in CD stores for Anime when I'd get the chance. Maybe I'll find something interesting... I'm hoping for Hellsing. :roll:

Author:  Jaibyrd [ April 24th, 2005, 2:40 pm ]
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Angel wrote:
Not dead eh? Good!
I was suggested to look in CD stores for Anime when I'd get the chance. Maybe I'll find something interesting... I'm hoping for Hellsing. :roll:

You'd have to see the first series first to completely understand why we're bitching about it. Basically it ended with you going :wtf: which was a lame end for such an interesting series... So after you see it the first thing you hope is, "Man I hope they continue this... So I know what the heck is going on here..."

Kinda like that.

Author:  Madrin [ April 26th, 2005, 8:45 pm ]
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That seems to be a major ending plot for quite a few anime. Make you go WTF!!?!?? Only person that ever gave into that was the guy who made Evangellion, lived as a hermit, shaved his head in shame at all the hate mail he got from fans going WTF!!?!?? at the end of that, so after going through all that, and he gave us The End of Evangellion, that gave everone a great big F-U!!!!! at the end, hehe.

Author:  dark_glaive [ May 27th, 2005, 2:08 am ]
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I think a lot of the animes that end abruptbly/stupidly, Hellsing, Berserk, Kare Kano to name a few are those that are based off of manga that aren't finished. I don't know about Hellsing (Hellsing manga enthusiasts enlighten me about the state of the manga and how complete it was when the TV show was made), but the Kare Kano anime was made about seven years ago and ended really lamely for such an otherwise perfect awesome series. The manga finished....this year. Berserk was made a few years back and the manga still isn't over and has in fact been running for about fifteen years! I read somewhere yesterday that this occurs because some manga companies see anime as a promotional tool for their manga, just like Bandai sees Gundam models as promotional tools for the Gundam TV series. With incomplete manga story lines the series either have no choice but to end oddly, or keep dragging on as say Inuyasha and Naruto have/did. I've never been a fan of these series with no apparent direction, and I blame the fact that they are following ongoing mangas on this as well.

Due to this, most of the anime I like either was an anime first, or doesn't have a manga based off it to my knowledge. Exceptions to this rule include Berserk, Kare Kano, and Chrono Crusade. Berserk doesn't conclude the overall storyline, but concludes the story arch it was on, Chrono Crusade made up its own ending different from the manga (as far as I know) that worked really well, and Kare Kano's sheer quality shines through its dumb ending. Interestingly enough, Kare Kano was directed by Hideako Anno of Evangelion fame. I think he just has problems with endings. Kare Kano's ending breaks down into the mental analysis stuff that Eva did just as abruptly, but it is less polished and reveals a few shocking qualities about one character, leaving you at a real cliffhanger.

Thus ends my rant on incomplete animes. And in case you didn't read between the lines, go watch Kare Kano now!

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