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It's beginning to look a lot like an Anime X-mas...
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Author:  Jaibyrd [ June 29th, 2005, 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  It's beginning to look a lot like an Anime X-mas...

Okay, this is the result of a very random conversation between Horus and I, as I was complaining about people and their horrificly bad attempts with X-mas lights here where I am and then we started talking about why is it that people keep stealing baby Jesus from all those huge plastic nativity scenes they plunk on their lawns.

Then I asked randomly, what if we had an Anime nativity scene? Who would represent who in such a set up? What do you guys think?

Yes, I am smoking crack thank you very much... :wtf:

Author:  HorusRe [ June 29th, 2005, 7:29 am ]
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I'm thinking a baby Gohan in full super sayin glow (with the yellow spiked-out do and everything) as the baby Jesus.

Vegeta as Jospeh. (Pointing at Mary and saying something like... NO Damnit! I'M the king of all Sayins!! And besides, he's not even my kid! I didn't get to do ANYTHING with this female!)

Lt. Motoko Kusanagi as Mary. (Looking at V and saying... Look jerkoff, be thankful you didn't have to carry a kid around in YOUR gut for 9 months! I'm not even sure how I GOT pregnant... I'm a cyborg for cryin out loud!)

Spike from Cowboy Bebop as the Wiseman with the Gold. (Leaning down to light his cig from the glow around the miracle child and thinking... I know this is supposed to be the savior of humanity and all, but he wouldn't miss some of this gold would he?)

Leon from BGC 2040 as the Wiseman with the Myrrh. (Looking typically stupified and thinking... Myrrh? What the hell is this stuff anyway? And where the hell is Daily when I need him?!)

D from Poject A-ko as the Wise-'man' with the Frankencense. (Looking out at the passer-bys and saying... For the last time! I AM NOT a guy! I'm a girl!! Why do I have to be a wiseman? Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! :crybaby: )

For the manger animals I'm thinking Ein from Bebop, talking to Moogie from Dirty Pair (... Jet & Spike are not so bad but Faye is a pain... you should spend some time with Kei and Yuri, talk about pain!) and Ryo-o-ohki from Tenchi Muyo (hugging a REALLY big carrot, it IS in the spirit of Christmas after all! ;)

yeah... I smoke crack too! lol

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