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 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 
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Post Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
This is an absolutely amazing game I finished 3 times with different characters. Its built on the Half-Life 2 engine so the graphics are detailed and the physics are amazing. The game is a great combination between an RPG and an action game. It is based on the Pen&Paper game Vampire: The Masquerade. You have a character sheet where you can upgrade things using experience you gain from advancments in the game. You have so much control over your character's abilites and skills. There are also 6 clans for you to pick from, each with his own apperance, advantages and disadvantages and disiplines (sort of vampiric spells). You can upgrade skills (melee weapons, firearms, sneaking), disiplines (very simular to spells or magics) and Abilities (strength, dexterity). And you use the same experience to upgrade them, so that gives both a large amount of choices between catagories and an even larger amount of choices for what things in what catagory. You're supposed to be 18+ but I played and I haven't found a single thing to justify that. This game is amazing and for me is one of top games of all times.

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February 8th, 2005, 8:02 am
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Oddly, I've just recently been interested in some White Wolf stuff (White Wolf being the company that made Vampire). They've made a bunch of different pen-and-paper games based off of their d10 system, so they're all rather similar. The one I'm interested in is Mage... which, from it's name, is pretty self-explanitory. You have all of the attributes and abilities and such, but instead of clans and diciplines, you have Traditions and Spheres. And the magic system is really weird. Instead of having some limit to how much magic you can cast, like spells-per-day or Magic Power or something like that, instead you can cast as much as you want... within reason. There's this idea called Paradox, and if you cast magic that makes completely unnatural things happen (called Vulgar magic), you build it up. If it gets too high, you start getting weaker and eventually get screwed up big-time. So, you have to play it smart and try to always do Coincidental magic, where you make something happen that seems like it could have happened by itself, like making your enemy's gun jam.

White Wolf games are fun, because you can take several separate ones and smash them together, since they all run off the same basic system. And the fact that they take place in a dark version of modern times is kinda fun, too.

February 9th, 2005, 11:12 am
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I played Vampire for years and Werewolf even longer. I only played Mage twice (the magic system was WAY to free-form for the storyteller that was attempting it). I played Ars Magica once (hey D, if you can find that game, imagine the Mage's in the days BEFORE the Technocracy sundered the Tellurian... ;) ) but that game is built up on a totally different scale, and the same storyteller that failed at Mage REALLY sucked it on Ars Magica.

They only game White Wolf produced that I absolutely hated was Wraith. That game is just a mindf**k waiting to happen. If for NO other reason than the fact that every ghost has a dark-side (called the Shadow, of something like that)... and that aspect of your character is supposed to be played by another player in the group! So already you are getting bent over by another player. :nono: Where the hell is the fun in that? It was a big mistake in my opinion.

But anyway, I always loved the freedom of White Wolf games. Especially Vampire and Werewolf. If I had a better chance to immerse myself in Mage I think that could have been really fun. But the unfortunate fact is that every game requires two key aspects. A good storyteller and good players. Getting that combination is a difficulty I can't figure out how to arrange with any ease. ;) heh heh heh



February 9th, 2005, 2:43 pm
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