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Author:  Jaibyrd [ January 18th, 2008, 2:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Recent Art Update...

Had a wonderful holidays with my fiance who came out to visit me for X-mas and New Years and brave my family to ask for my hand in marriage. Wow, I'm engaged, weird! :upsidedown: I thought I'd never find someone who would accept me with all of my quirks and whatnot, so it still seems rather strange that I've found someone who loves me for who I am and I love him back for who he is in every way. I've never felt this comfortable around someone in my life. However, I am getting annoyed now that I am engaged that people keep asking about when we're getting married. I have no clue, I'm not a common female (if you know me you know why) and it isn't like I'm in any rush. Ah well, anyway...

Here's some art I've gotten done recently even though I still don't have the art section up on this new site. Maybe this weekend.... maybe not... :roll:

Most of the art is inspired from Drowtales' Path to Power Challenge game I've currently got a character involved in. It's a really great RPG-ish game and if you like Drow, do check it out.

My Character Lua'nar:

Image Image

Pages of Lua'nar's Sketch-Journal of her journey in the game:

Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image

Other Player's Characters I've drawn:

Image Image Image Image

Another page of Lua'nar's Journal and more DT: PtP art to come...

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