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OMG an update (!) and why I hate remakes...
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Author:  Jaibyrd [ August 23rd, 2009, 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  OMG an update (!) and why I hate remakes...

Indeed! I finally got off my lazy bum and fixed the Weirdo Tests (Yes they all work and bring you to prizes - stupid ones to be sure, but what else did you expect from me?) and the Links page! Wow! Plus the WZ has a new CSS menu system courtesy Stu of CSS Play. Really sweet guy and works for very reasonable rates! He also has a site where you can pick up his CSS menus for free and tweak them yourself if you know what you're doing (I however did not, obviously). I'm still working on fixing up the art and comics pages, so bare with me as I attack them slowly until all of my art's updated once more (especially now that school's back in and I have a new pack of students to beat with science-love). Until then, if you want to see my more recent art, feel free to check out my deviant art account.

Other than that, I finally saw the latest Star Trek movie. I have two words to sum up my feelings about the movie, "Oy vey."

Most people who know me in real life know what a psychotic Star Trek fan I am. I like to think of myself as a second generation Trekkie (not Trekker) as my parents were huge Star Trek fans before me and I have eclipsed them in many respects. I named my first cat Spock for and my second horse Data for crying out loud. I grew up on the re-runs of the original Star Trek and then when Star Trek TNG came out I was in seventh heaven. Star Trek for me, is a future I strive for. Where Star Wars is fantasy, Star Trek could actually become reality if we just bucked up and did it. Granted, don't get me wrong, I'm as cynical about the human race's chances of surviving this century as they come, but if we ever get our collective shit together (mine included), the REAL Star Trek universe is where I'd like my descendants to end up.

However, there are parts of Star Trek I look at and go, "This isn't in keeping with Gene Rodenberry's original vision" Oh, say like the Voyager series (which is just a poor rip-off of Lost in Space where few differences was in the fact their robot didn't have great stonking cleavage), and Nemesis (which I like to refer to as 'The Movie That Shall Not Be Named!'), which was all complete and utter crap.

Anyway, back to this new Star Trek movie. Luckily I saw it at my local pizza/beer pub/movie theater so I already had a beer in me when it began. Let me start off with kudos as there were some decent parts of the movie, such as the fact the actors they got were spot on (which was something I was fearing) and I did enjoy seeing Lenard Nimoy (as I am such a raving Spock fan, it's not funny) reprise his role. There were some good moments, and overall it wasn't as mind-shatteringly bad as The Movie That Shall Not Be Named was. However there were several parts that just reminded me why I'm getting so annoyed at this sudden spate of remake movies. Its like it's all just some excuse to play with new CGI technology and story and other things we liked about old movies/TV shows/Cartoons/Comics be dammed. For example, I don't mind them revamping the inside of the Enterprise, hell, anything over the old show would be an improvement, but the outside, WTF? They did a terrible revamp on the outside, I mean it looked like the nacelles had shoulder pads on for some reason (was it designed in the '80's?). I didn't realize the Enterprise was now moonlighting as a linebacker for the Federation fleet. The Enterprise has always been a sleek ship with clean lines in all of its incarnations so far, so this switch to a vision of the Enterprise looking like a flabby wrestler leaves me a bit puzzled. However I must conclude that it must have been built by the lowest bidder considering it was BUILT PLANETSIDE!! Hello? Canon be dammed obviously, but have we ever heard of a small thing called PHYSICS?!?

But I digress... They get an C- for effort, but I do pray they do not attempt to make a second movie. Here's to hoping 2010 will be a better year for movies and all with Iron Man 2 and Avatar coming out then.

Light & Love!

Author:  Nitara [ May 8th, 2010, 11:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: OMG an update (!) and why I hate remakes...

I have to agree with you about all the remakes. There's been some decent ones, but most of the time they end up being horrible. Did you know that Nightmare On Elm Street is being remade? Hollywood isn't going to stop until they've remade every classic. :(

As for the Star Trek movie, I thought it was okay. I was never a big fan of the series to begin with, so I just tried to enjoy it for what it was.

Author:  Jaibyrd [ May 10th, 2010, 7:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: OMG an update (!) and why I hate remakes...

Hey Nitara! Long time no yap, how are you! :D Yeah, HorusRe is spitting fire about the Nightmare on Elm Street remake since he's the huge horror buff of the two of us. I don't know, I just wish there was more originality in Hollywood these days as just because we have all this technology to update graphics and whatnot doesn't mean we should remake everything under the sun. Whatever happened to just telling a good story?

However, there is some fun with the technology, don't get me wrong, as Horus and I saw Iron Man 2 this weekend and man that was a good movie. Excellent dialog as well as special effects. :upsidedown:

Author:  Nitara [ June 24th, 2010, 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: OMG an update (!) and why I hate remakes...

I'm doing pretty good. Sorry I haven't been around more, but I've had a lot going on. Please tell Horus I said hello. :) Anyway, I hope you guys are doing okay.

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