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 MST3K of Leo the Half-Angel... 
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Post MST3K of Leo the Half-Angel...
Okay, this is a MST of Kyle Nuttal's character Leo from MK:Nightblood the RPG. Now, the funny thing is Kyle considers himself a great writer... but I'll let you guys make the call... This was MSTed by Me (in blue), Darlos (in Red), and the editing comments are made by Horus (in purple).

HEIGHT: 6’4”

Darlos: Nine stone? Brimstone? Kidney Stone?
Jai’byrd: Or just plain stoned?

How many pounds are in a stone? Sub-note: he never did tell me what the FUCK a “stone” equals.


For sake of argument we are calling his father one of the Angelique. A race of angelic beings that once resided in a forgotten realm. They have the third eye and all those same abilities… but as Leo is more powerful as a half-breed they are on the verge of extinction. Not that Leo knows this… as he has no knowledge of his kind. Like I said before, this is a matter of somatics. What Leo calls himself is important only to Leo. And having no other knowledge “Angel” suits him just fine.

FIGHTING STYLES: TAE KWON DO, KARATE, JUDO, MARTIAL ARTS AND VARIOUS OTHER KUNG FU STYLES. (I still don’t know what he means by “various other styles”… which means I’m assuming Leo knows a move here and there. If he tries to make this more than it is he’s going to get bitch-slapped! Well, he had a chance to be more specific. Heh heh heh)

PERSONAL DESCRIPTION: okay here is my character, his name is Leo.
He wears a white sparring suit, practices tae kwon do and various other styles. He enjoys a good fight. He has wings on his back, because he is half angel, and has blond hair down to his shoulder.

Jai’byrd: Only one? Either half his head’s shaved or he’s missing one side of his body…

Light skin with just a light tan. Dark brown eye's and six foot four.
His parents are a complete mystery and he has no known relatives. So when he fights he doesn't have anything to lose.

Darlos: Except his life.

He also he has a golden tiger amulet around his neck.
His whole life is a mystery and all he wanted in life is peace. He is unbeatable mentally but psychically he has a few flaws. He is strong and fast and with his wings he can swoop down silently to take out an enemy.
His only fear is a god like Raiden or Shao Kahn.
He has helped several Earthrealm fighters in the past and is willing to die to save Earthrealm, since that realm is his birthplace. All his life he has been perfecting his style of fighting to perfection…

Jai’byrd: So… is it perfectly perfect yet?

even though he stands no chance against fighters like the dragon king, Shao Kahn or Raiden.
His agility and knowledge is remarkable and has fought alongside sub zero, Kung Lao and other fighters in the past.
All he wants to fight for is to save his home.

Darlos: [As an Audience] Awww………

(So I guess “when he fights” he DOES have something to lose. Meh, Kyle is just another kid. But I am not opposed to giving him a chance.)

Where did the golden tiger amulet come from? Does he know?
Okay… he is strong and fast. How strong? How fast? And just so you know… he can’t also be super tough as well (if you want him to lift like 20 tons and fly at 200+ kph). It’s just a rule I have. Super strong and fast I can tolerate. But not all three.
Oh, and is he unbeatable mentally? I am a bit confused by your wording.

(Leo only has super speed on his side. he is not super tough.

Darlos: But he is super absorbent!
Jai’byrd: [singing] Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

He can only withstand a certain amount of pain. But he has his third eye and wings if he ever needs them in a fight.
What I meant by unbeatable mentally is that you can't distract him from a fight. And playing head games doesn't work either, you know trying to trick him and fool him into making a mistake. Nothing like that will work because he has trained his mind. (Um, okay. I hate to tell him that if HE is going to fall into a metal trap so is Leo… but I guess it’s better for the kid to learn that lesson through experience.)
And the tiger amulet was with him when he was found by the monks, given to Leo by his mother just before he was abandoned. So it has no mystical powers. It is of sentimental value only. As it is his only connection with his real parents. In other words it is his only connection with his past and he keeps it on him as a reminder of his his mum and dad.)

Okay… so here’s my take on his history…

He has NEVER explored other realms. He has spent his whole life training in solitude and fighting alongside the defenders of Earthrealm when lord Raiden summoned him. Of course this did not include the original Kung Lao… long dead by the birth of Leo.
His father and human mother were killed by the diabolic Hand ninja. This information was uncovered in the last few 30 years. And it has become a lifelong obsession to find their secret temple and destroy the source of their dark power.
Recently Leo has been sensing a great disturbance in the natural world. Also of note is the fact that lord Raiden has not been by to say hi in more than 10 years… which would be odd for the thunder God as he has NEVER left Leo alone for that long.
The monks that once cared for Leo are long gone BUT a Shinto Temple in a secluded Japanese mountain retreat still recognize him and treat him as a powerful spirit of light. Leo goes to these monks to see if they might know anything about what has happened to Raiden but finds that most of them have been assassinated. The few survivors tell him that they were attacked by ninja wielding horrible powers of black magic (the Hand strikes again) and that they came looking for one of their allies named Kai. Kai had only recently left the temple for the United States to meet up with the last Champion of Mortal Kombat… Liu Kang. If Leo seeks answers he must go there.
Of course Leo has never met Liu so instead he goes to the distant monastery in Tibet where he believes the modern Kung Lao must be staying. There as well he finds the signs of an attack by the Hand. But the warrior-monk remains with the Buddhist disciples of the monastery, successfully fighting off the demon-ninja and protecting many of the monks. Kung Lao tells Leo that Liu is at the OIA (Outworld Investigation Agency) headquarters somewhere in the southwestern US… but he is not sure where that might be. But if there is anyplace the angel can go to find answers it is in LA. As long as Leo keeps his nature (wings, the third eye, etc.) a secret he should be able to find Liu Kang somehow.

And that is what I have so far. I’ll get back to you after having talked with Jai’Byrd.

HISTORY: has had a history within other realms (Correction… no he hasn’t.) and has lived most of his life in solitude to gain experience with several different fighting styles. His best one is tae kwon do fighting style and karate is his second best.

Darlos: Which one?

He is only half angel because of a freak accident

Both: [laughing their asses off]
Jai’byrd: What? Did the condom break or was the sex just super freaky?

(His birth?! Heh heh heh) which caused him to be only half. But that doesn't mean he is only half the their strength, it turned out that the combination of human and angel made him stronger than the average angel.
Whenever he is in the public he covers his wings with a large jacket to hide his wings,

Darlos: And then goes by the name Igor.

but whenever he fights he finds it easier to uncover them.
He is unbeatable mentally but not physically because he is good with kicks and throws. But he can be a bit off when it comes to combinations of both punches and kicks, so he finds it easier to do one at a time. So if he is going to do kicks he has to stick with them and then go onto the punches a few seconds later. If he tries both at the same time he has a good chance of getting tangled up due to his fast movements.

Darlos: So he’s so fast he can’t handle it?
Jai’byrd: [Trying to do a Dark Helmut voice] I see your Sworch is as big as mine, but can you handle it?
Darlos: [groans]

He has several special abilities including a third eye that is only visible when he is about to shoot a powerful laser out of it.
He is black belt with tae kwon do, karate and martial arts. (Which martial arts? Yeah, this is why I’m going to screw him over. I asked this question 3 times and got the same circular answer… and I’m not going to err on HIS benefit.) Green belt with Judo and a brown belt with his mantis, crane, and turtle style

Jai’byrd: Obviously he means Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle style.

kung fu.
His life status is immortal due to his angel half.

Jai’byrd: Our life status is annoyed due to Kyle’s shitty grammar and piss poor excuses.

He originated from a realm where evil does not exist (I’m not buying this line of crap, but it don’t matter to the story anyway… so it’s a non-point.) and holds great power. but then Shao Kahn invaded the realm and Shao Kahn killed most of them. The surviving ones fled to several different realms and one of them came to earth and begun a life there. He was, in a way, lucky and unlucky because this angel is Leo's father (My, isn’t this character important! His father was lucky BECAUSE he was Leo’s father!! LOL Shit, here we go again Goddess! Heh heh heh) but he only managed to fit in because he had his wings cut off during a torture session with Shao Kahn.
The angel is not the type you would find in a bible. They were an entire species similar to humans only they had a few differences, wings and third eye and when they got angry their eyes flashed a red color, etc. (This is in direct response to me telling him that there was NO WAY I would allow him to be a Biblical Angel. Angels don’t mate with humans in the Bible so I am never going to allow this form of abuse of something I take rather seriously. But I told him that if he wanted to CALL himself an Angel I would work with him to make a Realm species that was very Angelic- sans that kind of power and that particular religious origin which I would have to content with if I kept the Biblical connection. The Angelique was the result.)
Leo's father started a family and had a child. But the child had wings and that led to his father’s death. (I wonder how and why this happened, but was past caring by this point.) Leo was abandoned when he was still a baby (Boy, mom was a REAL winner then!) and the monks took him in

Jai’byrd: Man, those monks must be everywhere!

and trained him in their ways. when Leo grew to a suitable age he left and continued his training on the road. Trying to learn more about the world and the people in it and to gain experience.
For the past several hundred years he has been training in seclusion where nobody will bother him, (So much for learning about people.) high up in the Japanese mountains where no mortal can reach.

Darlos: Except for the ones who lived there and built it.

In the mountain peaks he lives in a hidden temple where only those who can fly reach the temple.

Darlos: “Crouching Angel, Hidden Temple!”

Now he has come out of hiding to fight alongside Kung Lao and find his fathers murderer so that he can avenge his father death after all theses years.


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Every time I read this, I laugh about something else. I can only take it in small doses, as to not hurt myself, hehe.

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wait... angels can mate with humans, still, can't they? I mean, when angels gone bad (well, demons) raped mortal women, they had some giant mean kids. And then God's toilet clogged and it flooded Earth more and more, each time he flushed.

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