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Concerning the Sea
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Author:  Fluffy the Boe [ November 2nd, 2004, 9:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Concerning the Sea

The sausage and the peppermint went down for a stroll by the Sea,
and, after a pleasant walk, they sat upon the quay,
and the sausage asked about many things, like the origin of tea.

And such.

Then said the sausage to the mint, "I wonder how, you see,
The water always works to leave an adequate degree
of sand, and such, to walk upon and wriggle our toes in, free.
But only during half the day, for when the sun starts falling
the lapping waves of water must invariably come calling."

And such.

The peppermint then looked the sausage squarely in the eye,
and said, "Ours is not to wonder what the ocean does, or why.
The ocean is a mysterious thing, and she does whate'er she chooses;
for when her waves turn o'er a ship, she picks who wins and loses,
And her daughters of the sea, mermaids, lure sailors with sweet ruses."

"But for all her deadly sport and vicious nature, the sea
in her deepest heart of hearts, has a spot for you and me.
And that is why, my youthful lad, the beach is so exposed
during half the day when the Sea, to her soft side, becomes disposed."

And such.

quay(pronounced 'key')
n. A wharf or reinforced bank where ships are loaded or unloaded.

(This poem is completely original material ゥ 2004 to John Fraser, me. Anyone who steals it sucks. Die, you creeps.)
* * * * * * *

Fear my funky, poetry. : D I like it, particularly I like that it rhymes. I like that muchly. It's been unfortunately for me that whenever I attempt to write 'free verse' I feel like I'm cheating. Because basically all you do is slap together some thesaurus diahrea about something depressing, usually with the assistance of Angst in Your Soul.

So... Enjoy my weirdness. I may or may not make more of it, depending on how the mood takes me.

Author:  HorusRe [ November 3rd, 2004, 5:33 am ]
Post subject: 

And here I thought that most verse came from the Angst of the Soul. :wink:

As for the poem... most impressive indeed! The first stanza made me think it would wallow in the rediculous. My mistake! As is soon proven by the elegant manner in which more profound ideas peek through the idea of a conversation 'twixt a sausage and a mint. :D It was a most pleasent surprise. Bravo!


Author:  Fluffy the Boe [ November 3rd, 2004, 4:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

I just edited it a little. The metre is more regular now. It was a little screwy before.

EDIT: And it DOES wallow in the ridiculous. :>

Author:  The Mad Hatter [ November 3rd, 2004, 4:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

It's so beautiful it made me cry my little hat out. Your angst is so deep. I pity you so.

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